Yakima's Traditional Pawnbroker

Bowlby’s Gun & Pawn buys, sells and trades pistols, revolvers, rifles, shotguns and other types of firearms. Come browse our vast selection including new and used guns, knives, and a variety of other items.

Our firearms and accessories section includes:

  • Pistols
  • Revolvers
  • Rifles
  • Shot Guns
  • Holsters
  • Pepper Spray
  • Duty Gear
  • Ammunition
  • Sights and Scopes

Other items Bowlby’s Gun & Pawn offers:

  • Native American Goods
  • Tools
  • Guitars
  • Jewelry
  • Law Enforcement supplies
  • Antique items that are on Display ONLY

Bowlby’s Gun & Pawn offers the following services:

  • buy
  • trade
  • trade-ins
  • consignments
  • appraisals
  • identification of unusual items and firearms

Don’t see something on the list above? Please call or stop in to browse our large selection of antique and unique items for all ages. Not looking to sell but could use a little extra cash? Bowlby’s Gun & Pawn is also a great place to store valuable items for specific events like – vacations, real estate showings, kids or grandchildren extended stays. We provid safe and responsible care for our customers pawned property and respect their privacy.

Stop by or call (509) 248-8280!

Bowlby’s Gun & Pawn does not carry electronics, household appliances, purses, cell phones, computers and clothing unless it is biker style leather!

Don’t really want to part with it... Pawn it.

Pawning allows you to borrow money using an item of personal property as security without selling it.

So how does a pawn work? An item is brought to the pawnbroker, who will offer an amount of money to the owner of the item for the loan. Once both parties agree on an amount a written contract is completed. The pawnbroker holds the item for Ninety (90) days. If the owner returns within the ninety day time limit and pays back the money borrowed plus an amount for fees and interest (printed on the contract at the time the loan is made), the item is returned. If the loan is not paid within the time period, the pawned item becomes the property of the pawnbroker.

We also buy items outright.

Pawn loans are a quick and easy way to borrow money without a credit check or hassle. Loans are based on the value of your collateral, not your credit rating or pay schedule. If you do not repay the loan it has no effect on your credit score and you have no further obligation.

Current, valid, Government Issued Photo ID is required to pawn, trade or sell. ID is also required to pick up “redeem” a pawned item. The ID must have the customer’s current address, physical description and photo.

While your item is in pawn, you still own it. It is our responsibility to keep it safe and in good condition while it’s in our care. We take the care and storage of your property very seriously. From the time an item is placed in pawn it is not viewed by anyone, handled or listed in anyway as a potential salable item. We have been privileged to have handled this responsibility to our customers for One Hundred Years and look forward to many more.

We also protect your personal information. We restrict access to customer information and do not disclose any personal information about our customers or former customers to anyone except as required by law.

Most of our customers return and pick up their pawned items. Many keep items in pawn as safe storage. Some may be going on vacation, out of town for work and want the comfort of knowing their property is safe and some extra cash for the unexpected helps too.

A tradition with a rich history.

As one of mankind's oldest financial institutions, pawn broking carries on a tradition with a rich history. Pawn broking can be traced back at least 3,000 years to ancient China, and has been found in the earliest written histories of Greek and Roman civilizations.

It was not just ordinary people who had need of a pawnbroker. The House of The Lombards operated pawnshops throughout Europe. They even counted royalty, such as King Edward III of England. In 1338, Edward III pawned his jewels to raise money for his war with France, the Hundred Years’ War.

The symbol of the Lombards' operations were the three gold balls that still remain the trademark of pawnshops. The true meaning of the symbol of the three balls has long been debated and will surely continue.

Pawnshop Humor

It was Paddywack’s first day on the job at the pawnshop. His first customer was a frog asking for a loan, the frog had an item with him Paddywack didn’t recognize, the frog told him it was a Knick-Knack, confused, Paddywack went to his boss with the item. His boss somewhat annoyed told him….It’s a Knick-Knack Paddywack, give the frog a loan!